Version iPad3 may replace the chip cooling

U.S. investment bank ThinkEquity analyst said on Tuesday that Apple the new iPad3 the future may be used to replace the chip to help cooling. Some users said that Apple’s new iPad3 run-time temperature is higher than previously models, Maikeqinie think, in part because of the problem stems from the old chip used by the new iPad, Apple quietly updated later this year. Fix a Slow Laptop
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Maikeqinie said in a note to clients on Tuesday the report, in addition to higher power consumption, resulting in more calories 4G services and high-resolution display, and the other lead to overheating new iPad reason probably is that it uses the high-pass old 4 chipset and transceiver. Apple chose the old chip, because the new chips can not be listed on the iPad 3 mid-May launch.

“We suspect that the production of new iPad prompted Apple to make the decision to use the old Qualcomm chips, because we believe that the high-pass 28 nm 8960-MDM9215 chip is not yet ready for commercial market sale,” Maikeqinie in the report said, “we expect the new iPad may be later this year,” change “, updated to use the new, cool-running version of the 3G/4G chips.

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