Australia sued Apple said misled customers new iPad3 4G

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced that it will sued Apple, mainly because the organization believes Apple’s new iPad3 4G version mislead consumers! The new iPad3 only supports 4G networks of the operators in the United States and Canada within 48 hours, while other countries 4Gversion of the iPad can only use the 3G network, or of HSPA + ACCC view that since the new iPad does not support 4G network in Australia, the name can not be called 4G the iPad, this naming would be misleading to consumers, the organization is prepared to sue.

Apple website Add comment, saying 4G the iPad can be on the GSM / UMTS, HSPA, of HSPA + and the DC = HSDPA, network operators, but the 4G network smart in the U.S. AT & T-the Verizon and Canada, Rogers, Bell, and Telus operator provider’s network on to use. According to the report, the Committee to prepare the prosecution files submitted to the Melbourne federal court tomorrow, the organization is trying to change the false advertising and asked Apple to refund of confusing consumers.Pc Error Fix

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